Serious Games

Games or competitions still provide one of the best ways to learn

A serious game of your product

serious games

Make it fun or challenging to work with your products and lots more people will try them or learn how they operate. Gamification has been shown to significantly improve learning and HTML5 apps provide an efficient, low cost way of delivering them.

Novelty games and competitions


Demonstrate your originality and grab the customer's attention with some of the many novel ideas the 'New Media' has to offer. Once the program has attracted their attention it should also be able to generate some interest in your products. If your marketing message can then light their desire it only remains for our program to automatically complete the process by emailing you their details or taking them to your web site to purchase some goods. If the program is entertaining it will get passed on between friends and colleagues, thus spreading it's effect without any work from yourselves.

Learn to drive a steam locomotive

steam engine simulator

If we can teach people to drive a steam engine then teaching them to operate your products should be easy.

Read our history of steam website and compete in the Rainhill trials in the free Stephenson's Rocket simulation

Online board games

electric engineering game Try our electrical engineering educational online board game. Or ask about a board game for your products.